Twisted Rustics l.l.c.

Bringing Rustic Southern Charm to Your Lifestyle.

Farmhouse, Rustic style has definitely become very popular these days and certainly encompasses a broad spectrum of looks from very modern to very primitive.  I have tried to create my home that is inspired by the past but still be comfortable and cozy.  I love going to unique places and trying to find that perfect piece for my home.  I have always been drawn to things that are old.  I wasn’t always able to create exactly like I wanted because my family always came first. Then I went to school and received my degree and became a teacher.  After being a Mom and a Teacher, I fell in love with making things.  Anytime I could I was always making things for the kids, my home, family and friends.  After raising two wonderful children and my husband getting to a point in his career that I could retire early.  Now that the children are all grown and I have some time I have been able to create the type of home I always wanted.  I was never very good at home decorating and learned and found things I liked and that went together.  So I decided to create this online store to bring you things to get that same type of style in your home.  I believe in giving someone a good quality product at a fair price.  I have been very blessed to be able to do this.  I want everyone who visits and buys from Twisted Rustics to feel like family.  I was brought up learning good old southern hospitality and manners.  I want to pass that on to my customers.  Many times when you do any shopping there is never that comfortable family feeling with who you are dealing with.  I love this style and I want to be able to give you a place to find some of those great pieces.  Life was less stressful and simplier then, and wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a place that you feel less stressful and simplier.  The idea of sitting on the porch, drinking sweet tea and relaxing sounds like heaven to me.  I hope I can help you find your heaven in your home.